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Atlas of the Andalusian Immaterial Heritage

5 August 2020 | By The Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions

Image | Basketing weaving - Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico - Gañán Álvarez, Víctor – Andalusia, Spain

The IAPH (Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute), one of the associated partners of Atlantic Culturescape, is a research centre linked to the Andalusian Ministry of Culture and Cultural Heritage. Among other projects related with ICH documentation, preservation, training and restoration, the IAPH, has undertook the development of an Atlas of the Andalusian Immaterial Heritage, with the collaboration of other institutions and the participation of different stakeholders. The general objectives of the Atlas, consistent with the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO (Paris, 2003), are to identify, document, research, transmit and revitalize the Intangible Heritage of Andalusia, in its various aspects.

For the achievement of those goals they have used an anthropological methodology, working with participatory techniques capable of generating a network of partners during the registration phase and further. Until now there have been 1.775 items of intangible cultural heritage of Andalusia registered. Food and drink are two of the most important scopes of the Atlas. Currently, 222 elements have been reported related to the field of Food / kitchens, 503 elements related to the field of crafts and knowledge, and 778 Festive events. This information documents traditional forms of production and processing of food and beverages and traditional practices related to consumption in festive contexts. The Atlas also includes an open access repository with more than 11,000 images of ICH.

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