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25 March 2021 | By The Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions

Image | Chiclana Salt Pans, Andalusia

The Chiclana Salt Pans, Andalusia

DISCOVER SALINAS de CHICLANA, where the wind, the sun, the earth and man come together to obtain Atlantic salts of excellent quality.

Located at the heart of the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park, the Santa María de Jesús Salinas in the municipality of Chiclana de la Frontera, is a traditional salt mine with enormous potential for environmental education and heritage interpretation.

Visits, tastings, despesques… Experience our traditions, fauna, uses and customs up close. Come to the salt pans and spend a special day here. Choose from our activities and enjoy a unique environment full of nature, leisure, relaxation and the best gastronomy. Salinas de Chiclana offers a wide range of activities specially designed for visitors, such as guided tours, tastings and “despesques” (the traditional extraction of fishes in the natural estuaries of the salt pans, which must be emptied annually), visits to our salt museum, and many more activities full of leisure and fun.

Enjoy the first Natural Salt Spa in Spain in a traditional salt mine. The Natural Salt Spa in Salinas de Chiclana is a place where you can experience the beneficial effects of the brine on your skin. A unique experience of salt baths, seaweed or mud wraps, exfoliating sessions with handmade salt or relaxing massages in a place full of light, relaxation, health and well-being.

Perfect for school groups and focused on learning about our customs and traditions in the salt mine. Learn with us in a site surrounded by nature, tradition and environment. Discover what life was like in the salt pans, which used to be the main economic activity of Cadiz province. You will get to know its vegetation, fauna, functioning and use of the environment through different activities that constitute an enriching experience in the heart of the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park.

Artisan salts directly extracted from our salt mine. Flor de sal, flake salt, virgin sea salt, bath salts… Handmade salts extracted and packed by hand in the Salina Santa María de Jesús.

Come to the restaurant and enjoy the rich gastronomy offered by the marshes and the home-made touch of our dishes. It is not only flavour, it is also knowledge. That of a millenary gastronomy represented by the sea, the sun, the wind… Fish, rice dishes, seafood, local dishes… all in an incomparable setting. Dishes such as chickpeas with seaweed, shrimp cream, sea bream croquettes or the best fish from our estuary. Sweeten yourself with our home-made desserts such as Figs with Moscatel de Chiclana (local sweet wine) or Shrimp Ice Cream.

In our celebrations hall you will have everything ready to celebrate group meals, business or family celebrations, weddings and many other leisure events in Chiclana de la Frontera. We organise everything so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a unique day. At Salinas de Chiclana we have been celebrating the most important moments with you for years.

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Written by Atlantic CultureScape Project Partner, The Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions

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