“From the sheep to the skein” textile workshop

Bo. Pejanda 9. 39557, Pejanda, Cantabria


Half day, full day or 2 days options


All year


Bo. Pejanda 9. 39557, Pejanda, Cantabria


Half-day: 40 € Full Day : 80 € Two days : 140 €.

Group size

No limits. Budget for groups on request.



At the La Hila Cultural Association, you can participate in different workshops and activities, both for children and adults. Join the felting workshop following the initial process of washing, scouring and carding the wool to start working with the felt (once the blanket is prepared), both wet and dry. In the spinning workshop, spinning is first crafted with a spindle and spinning wheel, and then the spinning and twisting technique is crafted with the spinning wheel. In the textile process workshop, the complete process of transforming the wool is worked from the washing of the fleece to the spinning. The natural dye is also worked with a sample of 2/3 colours. In the case of a full day workshop, the textile process is worked up to spinning with a spindle and spinning wheel without natural dye. In the case of half-day workshops, work is done on scaling, carding and spinning with a spindle and spinning wheel.


Follow the wool route, crossing the main places of the region dedicated to sheep grazing, completing it with a visit to Pisa de Ledantes and the ethnographic complex of La Casa de las Doñas in an attempt to evoke and transmit the uses and customs of these people, who in response to their self-sufficiency needs built, maintained and used the elements that we visit today. In addition, you have the option of enjoying a succulent dinner and a cosy meeting to talk in a calm, peaceful and reliable environment.


  • Food and Refreshments: Yes
  • Accommodation: Possibility of managing accommodation and/or full board in one of the establishments of the municipality at special prices.
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish and English
  • Accessibility Issues: None
  • Any additional equipment: LA HILA Association will provide all the material to the participants, as well as the mordents, dyes, wool and other necessary material.




  • Intangible Heritage of Cantabria.
  • Individualized workshops with specific training to be able to work later.
  • Connection with Nature.

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