LEARN ABOUT BULLS, enjoying ICH traditions in a privileged unspoilt environment

Camino Vecinal Benalup - Fascinas km 3 11190, 11190 Benalup-Casas Viejas, Cádiz




All year round


Camino Vecinal Benalup - Fascinas km 3 11190, 11190 Benalup-Casas Viejas, Cádiz


Depending on the type of the visit, the location, number of people and services required. From 20€ to 65€ in general, with other premium options.

Group size

Depending on the type of visit. Groups must check before attending any special activity


Aprende de Toros are experts in organising and developing “bull-watching experiences”. They are highly specialized to offer maximum quality and to discover the most hidden and attractive aspects of each field.

Whether you are interested, bulls enthusiasts, nature lovers or newcomers to the subject, adults, children or babies, you will have the chance to get close to the bull, the bullfighter and so many aspects that give its personality to such a different way of life.

We will see, participate and learn from what is happening at each moment. We offer authentic experiences, we work with first class cattle ranches, with real professionals (not with models or actors) and we want to highlight all aspects of this world which is, without doubt, a mark of identity of our land.

Aprende de Toros offers a series of unforgettable experiences that will help you discover the fighting bull and the authentic nature tourism. These experiences will allow you to enjoy nature, cultural heritage, literature, gastronomy and traditions in a privileged unspoilt environment. And to learn more from this sustainable livestock tradition.

Aprende de Toros offers a wide variety of experiences to learn how the bull lives in the midst of nature in different locations in Spain and Portugal. In Andalusia they offer visits to various cattle ranches in the three Atlantic provinces of Cadiz, Huelva and Seville. Some of the most immersive and appealing experiences are offered in the Janda Area in Cadiz province, the land of the Ruta del Toro.


Enjoying ICH and local traditions in a privileged unspoilt environment
  • getting to know ancient trades and knowledge
  • enjoying landscape and nature
  • ecological and sustainable practices
  • discovering social practices and local identity
  • tasting local gastronomy

Additional Information

Outdoor clothing and footwear are recommended. Food and Refreshments are included in some livestock farms and in some of the experiences offered.

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