Organic and sustainable cheese factory and goat breeding experience

Quesería El Cabrero de Bolonia C/ El Realillo, 20 11391 Cádiz (Tarifa)

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Depending on the type of visit


All year round upond demand


Quesería El Cabrero de Bolonia C/ El Realillo, 20 11391 Cádiz (Tarifa)


Visits for free, workshops and tasting upon request

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Depending on the type of visit


Quesería El Cabrero de Bolonia offers an authentic experience of organic cheese factory and goat breeding in an unspoilt and sustainable environment.

Lorena and Mario have been managing the new stage of this artisan cheese factory for more than two years. A project that combines the conservation of the Payoya goat breed, in danger of extinction, with the traditional practices of artisan cheese making.

Our herd of Payoya goats goes out every day to feed in the Parque Natural del Estrecho, in Bolonia, Cádiz. The quiet grazing and natural feeding ensure that milk retains all its properties. At the same time, grazing also plays a very important role in preventing fires and pollinating different plant species, keeping the environment in good condition.

The organic milk from our goats is transformed into rich cheese in a 100% artisan way, enhancing traditional knowledge. We offer various possibilities for visits that we adjust to the demands of those interested, with the possibility of participating in the grazing and milking of the goats, cheese making, tasting, sampling or buying cheese in the shop.



Organic cheese production; goat breeding; tasting and workshops
  • Ecological and sustainable practices
  • Getting to know ancient trades and knowledge
  • Enjoying landscape and nature
  • Tasting local gastronomy

Additional Information

Cheese production workshops, tasting experiences; own-made products shop

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