Work Package 1

Project Coordination

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

Through WP1 the will coordinate and manage all aspects of the Atlantic CultureScape project.

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About Work Package 1

This work package is intended to ensure a smooth, controlled and coordinated operational management of the project. It covers all aspects of non-technical operations and general compliance with the Atlantic Area Programme requirements. These activities will be coordinated by the Lead Partner, NMDDC, in close cooperation with all the partners.

All partners will be fully involved in the project management and coordination and co-operate with the Lead Partner in setting up the appropriate structures and procedures to ensure a smooth project implementation and clear internal communication. Each partner will appoint 1 Partner Coordinator to form the Steering Committee (SC); a collective body responsible for overall decision-making and implementation of the project that will meet physically on a six-month basis.

The partners will provide the Lead Partner with a certified expenditure report and an independent first level control (FLC) certificate using the templates provided by the Programme. Each partner will be responsible for appointing a financial manager for their organisation and to undergo the FLC according to their National Programme requirements. NMDDC will remind, encourage and support partners to submit their financial reports according to the eligibility rules of the Programme as well as to comply with the financial plan scheduled and the decommitment rule.

Controlling, monitoring and quality assurance of the project activities will be ensured by the SC. An external evaluation will be carried out to assess the project compliance with the activities, outputs and indicators set in the project and offer corrective measures, and provide recommendations to improve project outputs mid-term, and at the end of the project for project legacy.

NMDDC, within the Lead Partner principle, will take full responsibility for running a highly efficient and effective project addressing all of its targeted outputs, results and indicators. The Lead Partner has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the project is implemented as set out in the Letter of Offer and ensuring all conditions attached to this are implemented and fulfilled. The responsibilities of the Lead Partner include:

  • Co-ordination of the activities of the project
  • Quality assurance of the project’s deliverables and the processes leading to them
  • Supervisory role of work package leaders
  • Overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the pro


WP 1.1 Management Structure

Deliverable: Partnership Agreement

WP 1.2. Project Steering Committee (SC) meetings

Deliverable: 2 steering committee meetings per year and minutes

WP 1.3 Management reporting and audit trail mechanism

Deliverable: Completion of 6 progress reports and 6 financial reports

WP 1.4 Internal communication

Deliverable: Internal communication tools

WP 1.5. Risk, Quality Management and Evaluation

Deliverable: Interim and Final Evaluation Report


WP1 - Project Coordination
Newry, Mourne and Down District Council
Northern Ireland
Covering the southeast of Northern Ireland, the council’s area includes the Mourne Mountains Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has an extensive coastline stretching from Strangford Lough to Carlingford Lough.

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