What is Intangible Cultural heritage?

ICH is a living culture; the traditions, skills and customs that communities practice. Unlike more tangible elements of culture like buildings and artefacts, ICH is something you experience, it is alive. For example the spoken words of poetry and storytelling, crafts that are practised and passed down through generations and festivals that celebrate the dance and music of a country. ICH can be inherited traditions but also contemporary practices. ICH gives people, communities and countries a sense of place and identity.

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Basketing weaving - Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico - Gañán Álvarez, Víctor – Andalusia, Spain
Andalusia, Spain

Basket Weaving

The art of making baskets by weaving palm tree leaves.

Mari Llwyd - Wales

Mari Llwyd

A wassailing folk custom found in South Wales.

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Salt Flats

The Salinas de Rio Maior, (salt flats) where salt has been produced for over 900 years.

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Irish Harping- Ireland

Irish Harping

The symbol of Ireland and deeply connected to the countries culture.

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Flower Carpets - A Guarda - Spain

Flower Carpets

Carpets of flowers line the street in A Guarda, Galicia in Spain.

Atlantic CultureScape - Boat carpentry - credit O Piueiro - Spain

Boat Carpentry

Building, restoring and repairing traditional boats in A Guarda on the Atlantic Coast.

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Flamenco Ballet – Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico de la Junta de Andalucía, photographer Luis Castilla.

Flamenco Ballet

Three dance styles fused together create Flamenco Ballet.

Chiclana Salt Pans, Andalusia

Salt Pans

The Salinas de Chiclana, Andalusia.

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Irish Lace Making
Northern Ireland

Irish Lace-making

The tradition of Irish lace-making in South Armagh goes back to the 1820s.

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Traditional Irish Dancers - Celtic Storm Irish Dancers
Northern Ireland

Irish dancing

Irish Dance and Music has a wonderfully rich history.

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Carnival ©Fondo Gráfico IAPH, Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico-Romero
Spain & Portugal


Carnival season in February is a time of huge celebration in Spain & Portugal.

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Cooperativa Terra Chã - Pastor Experience

Goat herding

The traditional ways of pastor life in Portugal can be experienced at Cooperativa Terra Chã.

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Traditional Northern Irish Bread Making
Northern Ireland

Northern Irish Bread Making

Pre-Famine in Northern Ireland the traditional breads; Soda, Wheaten and Potato, would have been made every day.

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