Project Reports

Guidelines for sustainable use of ICH at local events and festivals / Directrices para un uso sostenible del PCI en eventos y festivales locales

- Atlantic Area

Image | Bilingual Guide of ICH Festivals and Toolkit for managing ICH Festivals and events

This bilingual publication includes two complementary reports: the Analysis and digital catalogue of ICH festivals in the Atlantic area and the Toolkit for the organisation and management of festivals and cultural events, written by Paula Olivares.

This publication aims to offer those people or institutions that want to undertake the organisation of a cultural festival or event, a set of tools that will result in systematic and successful work.  At the same time, the aim is to collect good practices and festivals implemented by professionals involved in this work in the European Atlantic area. And indirectly, the objective is to improve the possibilities for events linked to intangible cultural heritage to become an economic driving force and boost tourism in the places that host them.

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