Cádiz Atlántica: History, culture and fishing gastronomy in Southern Europe

Av. Cabo Diego Pérez Rodríguez, s/n, Barbate

Image | Caños de Meca Faro Trafalgar


From 3 to 5-6 Hours


All year round


Av. Cabo Diego Pérez Rodríguez, s/n, Barbate


From 250€/ Pax

Group size

Max 10 . Depending of the type of experience this could be few more


A unique immersive experience in the history of Cádiz culture through a direct connection with the sea, its coastal surroundings and archaeological sites such as Baelo Claudia or Trafalgar.

Cádiz is famous for its bluefin red tuna and fishing cuisine, see live cooking techniques and fishing practices, spanning from Ancient Rome to Japan. Together with access to exclusive and unique premises like the Old Chanca of Barbate, without doubt the most complete existing museum and Almadraba’s  bluefin tuna space.

With Cádiz Atlántica you can learn about the main archaeological sites of cultural and traditional art of fishing around the Gibraltar surroundings, giving a unique geographical perspective of this coast that explains the migratory pattern of the different bluefin tuna species, but will also fully immerse the visitor in a journey over 2000 years of fishing history and cuisine in the area from the Ancient Rome to the current Japanese culture.

  • Learning about ancient trades and knowledge
  • Enjoying landscape and nature
  • Discovering social practices and local identity
  • Tasting local products and international gastronomy
  • Ecological and sustainable practices

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